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    public sip server


    i found some public sip server domain like 'sip:hotfoon.com', 'sip:sipcenter.com' etc.
    i just want to know that can i use this server for sip messaging and to make a sip call by my midlet application.
    when i use this domain i got the exception 'Invalid host'.
    what the exception means?
    where i need to change?

    Thank You
    Ami Patel

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    Re: public sip server

    amipatel, first thing first. There are hundred and hundreds of SIP providers but you need to pick one or more and register with the provider.Thisway you will receive your unique ID and password and be able to register/login.
    Where are you located? I may be able to point you to appropriate providers. For example if you are in UK there are providers like www.sipgate.co.uk and www.orbtalk.co.uk who provide free DID when registered for an account. The orbtalk also pfferes PAYG.
    There are also Betamax daughter companies base in Germany. For example www.internetcalls.com , www.voipcheap.com , www.freecall.com also www.terrasip.com

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