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    Sending large amount of sms via pc to mobile connection?

    We are developing a sms application with a need for at least 5 msg/sec. We have been looking into several CPA and SMS solutions from service providors, but are still investigating the possibility of using a single phone connected to a pc for doing this.

    Can you provide any more info on this solutions possible capacity with the use of a Nokia phone? Which Nokia phone would be our best bet for a system like this?

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    RE: Sending large amount of sms via pc to mobile connection?


    There is no such a phone available, it's impossible even in network side. One phone can use only one signaling layer to send messages. You may reach the maximum of one message per 5-10 seconds using mobile phone.

    In some nokia products there are way to leave the signaling layer open for to send more messages, please see AT command help for details to a command "more messages to send". In most of the cases this feawture is not implemented in operators network.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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