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    Number of connections to a MMSC

    Although I'm writing a service that acts as both an originating and a terminating application I don't have any detailed information about the Nokia MMSC to hand. Can anyone tell me how many simultaneous connections a MMSC can support from an individual application?

    For now I've assumed tha answer is one. I've also assumed the MMSC doesn't support HTTP/1.1 'pipelining', I asked about this in another post but there's been no reply to date, hence when a HTTP response is pending on the connection I don't allow another HTTP request to be made. It would improve my applications throughtput if I could simply open another connection to the MMSC.

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    RE: Number of connections to a MMSC

    Dear developer,

    Simultaneous connections are more or less depending on SLA (Service Level Agreement), which for example defines how many messages per second an application is able to send. Numbers of external applications are not limited. If some external application needs more simultaneous connections to MMSC, it is in the application, where the logic behind these connections is handled (when you are using originating application).

    There are also possibilities to use several simultaneous connections for terminating applications. Nokia MMSC is very flexible system and keeps lots of features inside, so several configurations are possible. The only problem might arise from pricing: Operators probably want money for each connection :-)

    - Multiple simultaneous connections are supported. However, this must be specified in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the operator. By default only one connection at a time is allowed.

    - Pipelining is not supported.

    Best Regards,


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