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    missing header files from FP1 SDK & Plug-ins.


    I recently installed FP1 SDK. We had been developing our application on MR SDK and many plug-ins available for MR SDK. After we moved to FP1 SDK, we found that many header files and libraries that we used in MR are no longer available in new SDK. They are not even available in FP1 Plugins (believe me, I have checked each and every folder even if it was not relevant to that the one I was looking for).

    The list of header files are:
    1) From MMFDevSoundAPI plug-in : mmf/server/mmfcodec.h, mmf/plugin/mmfcodecimplementationsuids.hrh.

    The MR SDK had one EXE file specially for this plug-in. Many files used to get added under MMF folder after installing that plug-in. FP1 had many of such files already available in the SDK. Few files are given in plug-in also, but not the ones that we want. :(

    2) From WLANManagementAPI plug-in: wlancdcols.h

    3) From PhoneClientExtensionAPI plug-in: rphcltserver.h

    4) there are couple of libraries also missing: mmfserverbaseclasses.lib (and related DSO), PhoneClientExt.lib (and related DSOs).

    I checked the release notes but there is no mention about these files. Even the MR SDK does not suggest that the classes in these files are going to be deprecated or anything like that.

    So the sudden disappearance is forcing us to use these files from MR SDK, but not sure if that is guaranteed to work.

    Can someone throw light no this issue? I have put request on many other threads, but I have not received any reasonable reply yet.


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    Re: missing header files from FP1 SDK & Plug-ins.

    For PhoneClientExt.lib see http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=143072

    The MMF plug-in is not available for S60 3rd Edition FP1 and you should not try to use the plug-in released for S60 3rd Edition MR with the FP1 SDK.

    The APIs in the plug-in are provided for limited use cases and examples for their use are available in the wiki.

    For any use case which is not supported by the plug-in (doe to incomplete API) one should use the S60 API Partnering process and request access to an API that supports the desired use case.
    -- Lucian

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