I have an S60 UI application which needs to run as a system application. That is:

CEikonEnv::Static()->SetSystem( ETrue );

... to ensure this app doesn't close as the media card is inserted and removed. See http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...removal_events for details.

Unfortunately, this approach fails Symbian Signing: - "System Events and Task List Compliance". The explicit test is:

1. Switch focus to Task List (by holding down the S60 Applications key).
2. Close application from Task List using the ‘c’ or back key.

Is there some way to register for this system event and determine if it is a card removal which I need to ignore or the key event which I want to address?

[aside: At this point, the astute reader is wonder why I did write this as a console application. Here(
http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...922#post426922) is a post which talks about the pitfalls. While it sounds possible, it sounds difficult too. The deadline will not give me time to revisit this issue. ]

Thanks for your time and consideration.