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    how to generate COD in ASP?

    I have a problem with my ASP coding, i'm trying to generate a COD file using ASP, can anybody help me pls?
    When i load this file to my 7210, it always generate "unsupported file format" - i already put the MIME type on the server and the wap gateway. TIA


    Response.ContentType = "text/x-co-desc"
    response.write "COD-Name: test "
    response.write "COD-URL: http://wap.s.com/"
    response.write "COD-Size: 5554"
    response.write "COD-Type: audio/midi"
    response.write "COD-Install-Notify: http://wap.s.com/"
    response.write "COD-Next-URL-at-Error: http://wap.s.com/"
    response.write "COD-Next-URL: http://localhost/cdownload/gencod.wml"
    response.write "COD-Description: "
    response.write "COD-Vendor: test"
    response.write "COD-Price: 2000"


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    RE: how to generate COD in ASP?


    the problem is, that the file extension must be .cod, otherwise Nokia Phones can't recognize the file. Try to set the ASP.DLL in IIS for processing .cod files (GET,POST,TRACE,..).

    Another solution is to use an upload Component e.g. ASPUpload to push binary Files (Filesystem or SQL2000 or ACCESS - BLOB) to the client browser. with ASPUload you are able to set the filename, fileextension, contentType,... ;

    Be aware of the COD-INSTALL-NOTIFY: http:/.....
    This Link will be pushed by phone itself (when the install process is finished). At this URL a Skript is nessesary that i able to process (GET) parameters like notify.asp?installID=44353432 for transaktion information

    hope that will help you a little bit.. :-)

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