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    pauseApp on Nokia 3410

    It seems that pauseApp() and hideNotify() functions are never called on Nokia 3410
    I have read this :
    which states the problem, but doesnt give any solution

    Is there a way to be aware of external events, or is my application doomed to crash the phone on each call reception ?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    RE: pauseApp on Nokia 3410

    You're right, pauseApp() and hideNotify() are not called on the 3410. Of all the Nokia phones, I think only the 6310i calls pauseApp().

    Your app shouldn't crash the phone though, it should just carry on whilst the phone call is in progress? If you have a an action game, all you can really do is to provide some pause key that takes the game back to the main menu. The user can then at least pause their game whilst taking the call.

    Hope this helps,


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