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    Nokia 6310i - TDK Bluetooth Card

    I've been attempting to connect my 6310i via Bluetooth to my laptop and have finally found a solution.

    I started off by using a TECOM USB Bluetooth Dongle but i encountered errors when attempting to connect to Nokia Data Suite.

    From browsing the Forum I can see that are many of us very frustrated at the fact that the Nokia Data Suite Bluetooth Connectivity only works with the DLR4 card in most cases.

    I have just purchased a TDK PCMCIA Card and ive finally managed to succeed in connecting my 6310i to my laptop using the TDK Mobile application v3.3

    Hope this helps anyone who has been as frustrated as me...

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    RE: Nokia 6310i - TDK Bluetooth Card

    About this connection: were you actually able to sync with Outlook, or work with the PC Suite? Just having an application to dial, read the phonebook and send text messages is not enough for many of us...

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