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    Howto unmute/max sound volume on 40 series device?


    On Nokia 40 Series devices....

    1) How do I set the volume of a Player to the absolute maximum of the device,

    VolumeControl vc = player.getControl("VolumeControl");

    Appears to set the volume to 100% of the current device volume, but not to 100% of what the device is capable. Is this correct? How do I set the volume to the maximum using j2me?

    2) If device is muted, how do I programmatically unmute it using j2me?

    VolumeControl vc = player.getControl("VolumeControl");

    Seems to unmute the player if the player was muted, but doesn't seem to work if the device is muted? Is this correct, and what is the workaround
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    Talking Re: Howto unmute/max sound volume on 40 series device?

    I really doubt there's a hack to undo a users phone settings from the JVM

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