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    7650 Bluetooth Modem with Toshiba Tecra 9000 Windows XP - RESOLVED Now!

    I am struggling to get the ?Modem Setup for Nokia 7650? installation process to recognise that my Tecra 9000 has a Bluetooth connection.

    I have successfully got the phone to connect and synchronise using the ?PC Suite for Nokia 7650?. Thus I am satisfied that connectivity between the laptop and phone via Bluetooth is not a problem.

    It just seems that the ?InstallShield? with the ?Modem Setup for Nokia 7650? doesn?t recognise my active Bluetooth device.

    I have followed the instructions in as far as:
    1. Starting the Bluetooth services on both the laptop and phone
    2. Use Toshiba?s ?Bluetooth service center? to establish a ?Dial-up Netoworking? Bluetooth connection with the phone
    3. The phone successfully recognises that a connection has been established to it (as does the Bluetooth icon in the Windows Icon tray show that Bluetooth communication is happening).

    BUT I CANNOT get past that damn ?Modem Setup for Nokia 7650? ?Connection Method Selection? page ? the ?Install a modem for Infrared connection? option is available but the Bluetooth one remains greyed out.

    Please let there be someone out there that can help!! This is one of the main reasons I got this phone (well, one of the MANY main reasons? ;-)

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    RE: 7650 Bluetooth Modem with Toshiba Tecra 9000 Windows XP - HELP!!!

    Apparently, PC suite does not support XP!
    I have been trying for ages to install the suite but I get the same problem as you. I just couldn't believe that it does not work on XP!!!
    Have asked if there is another way to connect to nokia 7650 using bluetooth so that we can do the same sort of things, but no reply yet

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    RE: 7650 Bluetooth Modem with Toshiba Tecra 9000 Windows XP - HELP!!!

    I have EXACTLY the same problem !!!

    I cannot install a bluetooth modem over a Tecra 9000 (Windows XP pro)
    When I run "Modem setup fo Nokia 7650", only the infrared option is available. The Bluetooth option is greyed out. As far as now, no help is given to me, either by Toshiba, or Nokia, I asked for.

    As to the "PC Suite for Nokia 7650" I finally succeeded to connect the 7650 with the Tecra 9000 via bluetooth and infrared.
    The first time I installed the suite, the mRouter was giving an error message saying that the server was busy (or something like that), and it was trying to locate it, causing the suite and the Tecra to "hung".
    The problem was solved when I turn off the "Network Location Awareness" (NLA).
    To do this I went to the Control Panel - Administrative tools - Services and then by selecting NLA, right click on the selection and choosing "desabled" from the small pull-down menu.

    Going back to the bluetooth modem issue, I would like to ask anybody who could tell me where I could find drivers for this, in order to install the bluetooth modem manually.
    Thanks in advance
    Babis Gelesems, Greece

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    RE: 7650 Bluetooth Modem with Toshiba Tecra 9000 Windows XP - HELP!!!

    Yes, super! (NOT!!)
    [My response to makeitso post on 01/26/03 08:20PM] It is extremely disheartening to note how apathetic Nokia seems to be to all our requests for help on this issue!!!!

    But I refuse to give up. I bought this product because of good experiences with Nokia in the past. I never believed for a second that there would be these sorts of problems with the PC software. It would have been so much nicer if there were some upfront statements / warnings from Nokia about what systems are supported and which not.

    And, yes, seppo_fn, I know you will be able to show me somewhere on the Nokia site that it says ?XP is not supported?? but then why not put this statement in the section about the phone where it talks about the PC software!?! This is where any normal person would look for that kind of information or warning:
    It says nothing there about versions of Windows that are not supported, not even a warning that SOME versions are not supported?

    There isn?t even one here: http://www.nokia.com/cda1/0,1080,2008,00.html

    And even here where there is a statement about what IS supported, there is nothing about what is NOT:
    [and again, yes, I know the argument will be that ?if it doesn?t say it is supported, you should have assumed it ISN?T ? the problem I have with this line of argument is that I CAN connect my WinXP laptop with the 7560 via Bluetooth, I can copy pictures to and from the phone, I can upload / install .sis files via Bluetooth using the PC Suite. I just cannot yet get connected using the GPRS facilities over Bluetooth.]

    Anyway, my point being that: Nokia, isn?t it about damn time you released a patch for this? How hard can it be to make it work? The phone?s been out for ages now (not to mention how long before its release that developers were working on it).

    The other problem I am having with this issue is that the Nokia support only refers you to a local re-seller of the product. They are NOT techies, so how the hell can u expect them to answer these difficult questions. Their answer is: they?ll check the web site. ?Oh, it doesn?t say XP is supported, therefore it isn?t. Tough shit. Sorry. Ask Nokia directly?


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    RE: 7650 Bluetooth Modem with Toshiba Tecra 9000 Windows XP - HELP!!!

    I was inspired to new levels of hope a few days ago, by reading another post to this forum which mentions connecting up the 6310i via Bluetooth and "I can even establish a DUN connection and directly query the phone through hyperterminal using the virtual com port": http://nkn.forum.nokia.com/devrel/threadshow.cfm?mb=4232714880360102&msg=8698565913186409&page=1&mc=RTF011
    So I had another go at getting it working ? with success!

    I'm going to maintain these notes at:
    (but until the DNS entries change, it will be at:

    1. Establishing Bluetooth communication between the phone and the Laptop
    1.1. Start up the Bluetooth Manager service. On my laptop:
    1.1.1. Start the Toshiba Console: Start -> All Programs -> Toshiba Console -> Toshiba Console -> Network -> Start Bluetooth

    1.2. Open the Toshiba Bluetooth Service Centre: Double-click on the Bluetooth aerial / antenna icon in the icon tray
    1.3. Start up Bluetooth on the 7650 (in "Show to all" mode): Menu -> Connect. -> Bluetooth -> Bluetooth: set to "On"; My Phone?s visibility: set to "Show to all"; My Bluetooth name: e.g. "-:d0lph1n:-"
    1.4. Now search for the phone via the PC: In the "Bluetooth Service Centre" application: Bluetooth -> Device Discovery [and it takes a few seconds to pick up my phone, and then shows it in the left hand side list of "Remote devices" with Status "Not connected"; The right-hand side window the list of "Remote services" for this device shows: "Bluetooth Serial Port", "Dial-up Networking", "Fax", "OBEX File Transfer" and "OBEX Object Push"]

    1.5. Establish a connection to it: "Bluetooth Service Centre": In the right-hand side window select one of the available services, e.g. "Dial-up Networking"; and now choose to: Edit -> Connect. At this point a box pops up on the PC asking me to input "Bluetooth Passkey (PIN)". So I put in a 6 digit number and hit "OK". At this point the phone gets a box popup asking for the same PIN to be put in "Passcode for d0lph1n_T9k" [where "d0lph1n_T9k" of course is the Bluetooth name for my laptop] ? I had to be pretty speedy with typing in the code on the phone before it timed out on me! ? "Accept connection request from d0lph1n_T9k?" Yes.
    1.5.1. Now the "Bluetooth Service Centre" device status shows I am connected. And the phone?s display shows the little dot with brackets around it in the top right-hand corner.
    1.5.2. For ease of future communication I set my laptop as an "authorised" device: In the Bluetooth tool on the 7650: <press the joystick right so it shows the list of "Paired devices"> -> <select the laptop?s name from the list> -> Options -> "Set as authorised" -> "Connections will take place automatically without confirmation. Continue?" Yes.
    1.6. Because I am a security freak, I go back to the main Bluetooth options on the phone and down to the "My phone?s visibility" setting and change it to "Hidden"
    1.6.1. So next time all I do is use the "Bluetooth Service Centre", select the Nokia service I want to use and instruct it to "Connect"

    2. Getting the "PC Suite for Nokia 7650" working with my Windows XP Pro on Toshiba Tecra 9000
    2.1. Be sure that the Bluetooth virtual COM ports are selected within the mRouter tool "Select the ports you want PC Suite to use to search for devices":
    2.1.1. <right-click on the mRouter icon in the Windows icon tray on the bottom right> -> Properties
    2.1.2. Here I am shown a list of ports: COM1, COM2, COM3, COM6, COM7 and Infrared. Note: if Bluetooth is not started on the laptop, I only see COM1, COM2, COM3 and Infrared
    2.2. I think the default setup had both the boxes to the left of each of COM6 and COM7 checked / ticked. (Along with Infrared! But I prefer not to use Infrared here, coz I use that for synchronising with the Palm - and if IR is selected here, then it ties up the port and the Palm HotSync Manager can't use it.) Actually you only need COM7 selected for Bluetooth communication via the PC Suite.

    2.3. Now, within the "Bluetooth Service Centre" on the Laptop, connect to the Serial port:
    2.3.1. Select the service "Bluetooth Serial Port" -> Edit -> Connect
    2.3.2. The status for the Nokia device seems to change to "Connected" within both the "Bluetooth Service Centre" and on the phone, but the PC Suite does not recognise the connection immediately.
    2.3.3. I leave this for about 10 to 20 seconds and see the status change back again to "Not Connected"
    2.3.4. Now I choose to connect in the same way a second time, and as if by magic, everything starts to work [DON?T ASK ME WHY... Nokia PC Suite developers: Please can you provide an answer here!?! Or just release a patch that makes this a one step process again, please ]
    2.4. I see the following indications that all is connecting / communicating:
    2.4.1. the mRouter icon in the icon tray changes from an icon of two-grey-little-serial-connectors, to an icon that looks to me like: one-green-serial-connector-connected-to-one-blue-serial-connector-via-a-yellow-connection
    2.4.2. The mRouter "Connection Properties" window shows COM7 as status "Connected"
    2.4.3. The "Bluetooth Service Centre" application shows the status as "Connected" and stays like that this time (although there is no change in the icon on the right for the "Bluetooth Serial Port" to show it is connected, like when the connection is made using the "Dial-up Networking" service. Go figure?!?)

    2.4.4. The PC Suite window shows that same mRouter connection icon in the bottom right with the statement "Connected";
    2.4.5. And now all the PC Suite tool options become available for use.
    2.5. Done.

    3. What the "Toshiba Local COM" utility displays
    3.1. After selecting to "Start Bluetooth" from within the Toshiba Console, another option available within the Toshiba Console -> "Network" section is "Bluetooth Settings".
    3.2. Selecting that opens up the "Toshiba Local COM" tool window. Here it shows all the serial ports on the machine. Here is what I see:
    3.2.1. Port: COM1; Description: Communications Port (COM1); Owner: System
    3.2.2. COM3; TOSHIBA Software Modem AMR; System
    3.2.3. COM6; Toshiba BT Port (COM6); LocalCOM-Client
    3.2.4. COM7; Toshiba BT Port (COM7); LocalCOM-Server[SerialPort(TOSHIBA LocalCOM)]

    4. Installing the modem software and querying the modem with HyperTerminal [Virtual Serial port via Bluetooth]:
    4.1. First, of course, I installed the Nokia Modem software ? even though it only recognised the IR connection as being available
    4.1.1. Oh, MAN! This has proved to be a BIND!! The settings just seem to suddenly disappear after the first (and second!) installation attempt - even the "Nokia Modem Options" link installed in my Control Panel just disappeared ? first it was there and then it wasn't. After the 4th install attempt, it seemed to stay. I can honestly say I don't understand what went wrong on the previous attempts - the only thing I did differently this last time was: boot up, install the modem software and select yes to "reboot now" after it was done (while before I chose "No, I will restart later" and carry out some checks to see what was installed).

    4.1.2. Within the Windows XP "Phone & Modem Options" this step seems to have installed two modems: i) "Nokia 7650
    (IrDA)", Attached to "COM0" ; and ii) "Standard Modem over IR Link". Installing the same software a second time adds another one called "Standard Modem over IR Link #2"
    4.2. Then I discovered that, to get HyperTerminal to attach to a Bluetooth virtual COM port [i.e. without getting the error: "Another program is using the selected Telephony device. Try again after the other program completes."], I had to:
    4.2.1. In the mRouter "Connection Properties" window make sure that COM6 is NOT selected Initially I deselected both COM6 & COM7, but then I discovered that COM7 is the one that is needed in order for the PC Suite to communicate. Thus, if you deselect COM6 & leave COM7 selected in the mRouter settings, then you can do both Dial-up Networking (over COM6) and PC Suite functions (over COM7) via Bluetooth at the same time.

    4.2.2. In the Toshiba "Bluetooth Service Centre": Make sure there are no other connections established with the phone. Select the "Dial-up Networking" (DUN) service on the right and connect to it (Edit -> Connect). This connection happens nice and quickly and smoothly, almost immediately. The icons have now changed to reflect a connection has been established [on the PC and on the phone ? for BOTH DUN and Fax Services]

    4.3. Start HyperTerminal and connect to COM6:
    4.3.1. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> HyperTerminal
    4.3.2. Give the "New Connection" a name, e.g. "Nokia7650_via-COM6-Bluetooth" -> OK
    4.3.3. In the "Connect To" dialog, change the "connect using" option to COM6 (all the other options become greyed out, e.g. phone number, etc) -> OK
    4.3.4. In the "COM6 Properties" dialog set your bits per second to whatever you like, but it seems to work ok with "57600" bps. I left the other settings as default (Data bits: 8; Parity: None; Stop bits: 1; Flow control: Hardware) -> OK
    4.3.5. And now I am presented with the HyperTerminal command interface, without any errors.
    4.4. Query the modem / Serial Port (this is a nice reference I found via a quick Google search: http://members.tripod.com/michaelgellis/modem.html)
    4.4.1. confirm the model is responding as a modem: Type "at" and hit enter. I get a plain "OK" response.
    4.4.2. Command description: "I0 Return numeric product code", example: ati0 <enter>; Response: Nokia <blank line>OK
    4.4.3. Command description: "I1 Return hardware variation code"; eg: ati1 -> 3511111<full IMEI number of my phone>; OK
    4.4.4. Command description: " I2 Report internal code"; example: ati2 -> V 3.16; 15-08-02; NHL-2NA; (c)NMP; OK
    4.4.5. Command description: " I3 Report software revision number"; eg: ati3 -> Nokia 7650; OK
    4.4.6. Command description: "I4 Report product feature listing"; eg: ati4 -> 2.15.2; OK

    4.5. Of course I can also dial using the HyperTerminal session, eg: to make a call to my voice mail: atdt 121 <enter> and off it goes...[watch the phone display to see the call being made]
    4.6. And from here it is a simple matter to dialup networking to an ISP.
    5. Installing and configuring the Bluetooth modem [which wasn't available during the Nokia modem installer]
    5.1. Open the "Phone & Modem Options": Control Panel -> Phone and modem options
    5.2. Select the "Modems" tab -> Add -> check the option "Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list" -> Next
    5.3. From the list under "Manufacturer" select Nokia Mobile Phones -> Now under the "Models" select "Nokia 7650 (Bluetooth)" -> Next

    5.4. "On which ports do you want to install it?" select COM6 -> Next

    5.5. Message is displayed "Your modem has been set up successfully" -> Finish
    5.6. Now the modem is listed under the list of "The following modems are installed".

    5.7. Now edit the properties for this new modem
    5.7.1. On the "Modem" tab, set the maximum port speed to "57600" [it seems to work fine with whatever speed, but I think this is the current limit of GRPS]
    5.7.2. Go to the "Advanced" tab and enter the "Extra initialisation commands:" value of: at+cgdcont=1,"ip","internet" [well, this is the value that is used for connecting to Vodafone here in UK. I got if from www.vodafone.co.uk -> Get more from your mobile -> Internet on the move -> Set up your PDA -> selected one (e.g. Palm m500) -> Step-by-step guide ? and it's in the section where they talk about the "Log in Script"]

    5.8. Click OK to save those settings and click OK to go out of the "Phone and Modem Options"

    6. Add the GPRS modem as a dialup networking account via Bluetooth
    6.1. Check that the Bluetooth modem is recognised by the Nokia Modem software:
    6.1.1. Open the "Nokia Modem Options" tool: Start -> Control Panel -> Nokia Modem Options
    6.1.2. You should see both "Nokia 7650 (IrDA)" and "Nokia 7650 (Bluetooth)" [whereas, before this modem was added within the "Phone & Modem Options", only the IrDA one was recognised]
    6.1.3. Here you can enter a value within the "GPRS Access Point" box if you like, but if you leave it blank, then the default access point, as defined within the phone settings, is used.

    6.2. Add a new network connection [and since this is now a specific connection to Vodafone UK, I am using the ID, password and number information as per the guide for setting up GPRS access on a PDA]
    6.2.1. Start the "Network Connections" interface: Control Panel -> Network Connections; or Start -> Connect to -> Show all connections ->
    6.2.2. "Create a new connection" -> "Welcome to the New Connection Wizard" -> Next -> "Connect to the Internet" -> Next -> "Set up my connection manually" -> "Connect using a dial-up modem" -> Next -> "Select the devices to use in this connection": <Check> "Modem ? Nokia 7650 (Bluetooth) (COM6)" -> Next

    6.2.3. "Type the name of your ISP in the following box": eg: "VodafoneLive-via-7650bluetooth" -> Next ->
    6.2.4. "Type in the phone number below:" *99# [from Vodafone site]-> Next ->
    6.2.5. "User name:" web; "Password:" web [from Vodafone site] -> [I de-selected the option "Turn on Internet Connection Firewall for this connection" because I use other software for this function!] -> Next
    6.2.6. "Finish"

    6.3. Now make the connection
    6.3.1. Open the connection window for the newly created connection:

    6.3.2. and click on the "Dial" button to make the connection [the usual messages pop up, including "Opening port..."; "Dialing *99#"; "Verifying username and password..."].
    6.3.3. In this test I note that the source address from which my connections are now "originating" as far as the outside world is concerned is: optbom2.uk.access.vodafone.net (

    6.4. Something else to note: In order to use the PC Suite in conjunction with the dialup / GPRS, it is best to connect to the PC Suite first ("Bluetooth serial port" service) and then connect to the DUN service, otherwise (if there is an active Bluetooth connection to the DUN service before you try to connect up the "Bluetooth serial port" service) there is an error generated "There is Not Connection possible COM Client. Do Create COM Client and Connection?" [Nice use of English, Nokia!]

    6.5. For the record, this is the configuration that was loaded up to my phone for connecting to the connection named "Vodafone live!"
    6.5.1. Data Bearer: Packet Data (GPRS)

    6.5.2. Access point name: wap.vodafone.co.uk; User name: wap

    6.5.3. Wap settings: Wap gateway IP:; Connection security: off; Session mode: temporary; home page: http://live.vodafone.com

    6.5.4. Advanced settings: Password authentication: normal; "Dynamic phone IP address" selected; "Dynamic name server IP address" selected

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    RE: 7650 Bluetooth Modem with Toshiba Tecra 9000 Windows XP - HELP!!!

    I had the same problem. I managed the problem in installing the infrared Modem. Then i took the system control to add a new modem. Don't let recognize Windows by itself. Look yourself for the modem. In nokia mobile phones you will find the infrared modems and the 7650 bluetooth modem. Now you can install it. I gave it the comport 6 and it works fine. You can chose with nokia modem options also the high speed. Be careful not to install modem options afterwards, because then it will delete your bluetooth-modem again. I don't know why the installing routine did not detect the bluetooth connection.

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