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Thread: Extraction

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    Unhappy Extraction

    Hi Friends,

    I am supposed to extract all contents present in a zip file.

    How do I carry out extraction using CZipFile?

    Please help.


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    Re: Extraction

    Reading a ZIP file in Symbian OS C++ can be done via a class called CZipFile. It is declared in zipfile.h. The library name is ezip.lib.

    The following example shows how to extract a specific file from a ZIP file.
    // Create an instance of CZipFile.
    CZipFile* zipFile = CZipFile::NewL(fileSession, aCompressedFile);
    // Extract aFileName from the ZIP file.
    CZipFileMember* member = zipFile->CaseInsensitiveMemberL(aFileName);
    // Use input stream to extract the file.
    // The input stream of a file inside ZIP file is RZipFileMemberReaderStream.
    // The method used to get the input stream is CZipFile::GetInputStreamL().
    RZipFileMemberReaderStream* stream;
    zipFile->GetInputStreamL(member, stream);
    // Read the file using input stream.
    // Before reading the file, the code allocates a buffer to store with
    // the size of member->UncompressesedSize().
    // If the file is quite huge, do not use "one-shot" Read().
    // Instead, read using a small block of buffer and do it inside an
    // active object.
    HBufC8* buffer = HBufC8::NewLC(member->UncompressedSize());
    TPtr8 bufferPtr(buffer->Des());
    User::LeaveIfError(stream->Read(bufferPtr, member->UncompressedSize()));
    // Do whatever we want with the buffer.
    // Finally, do not forget to release all the allocated resources.
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(4); // buffer, stream, member, zipFile

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    Re: Extraction

    Hi Pramod,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did what u suggested me...

    I got some panics which i resolved.

    But,when i click on the .zip file, It says Unrecoznized format


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