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    playing midi files...

    hello. i just connected nokia n95 to internet and try download midi file.
    i goto www.midicommunity.com and it open file in media player on phone but no play.
    the play button on but no sound and no moving. when close n95 media player it ask for Save and i click Yes.
    the media player show song name on screen.
    why does it download but no play??

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    Re: playing midi files...

    yes, I know, and when you are trying to run them from withing the file manager, it opens music player and nothing happens. but why do you need midi sound? on your device you can play very advanced music formats

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    Re: playing midi files...

    I guess it might depend on what the MIDI file contains (instruments, tones, whatever). I'm not a MIDI format expert by any means, but I do know that the fact that a file is a MIDI file does not mean that it works on all devices and all MIDI player implementations.

    If you post actual URLs to MIDI files you've tried, perhaps someone can take a look and analyze the file content to see if there's anything in them that prevents it from playing on the N95.

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