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    Sip application on device

    Did any one get the SIP application working on device. I am trying to run Wtk2.5 "GoSip" App on the device but didn't succeed but was able to run on emulator.
    Can you tell me what server to use, which proxy host to enter and what all other changes do I need to do while running the same example on the device. Or were u able to run any SIP application on device? Please help.

    Ami patel

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    Re: Sip application on device

    Ami, will you please tell me how did you solve the problem in Running GoSip in real devices?

    I am very new in SIP, don't know how to run & how to test? At least tell me please how to run it on Emulator?

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    Re: Sip application on device

    what is your testing hardware?
    if you can not find a free sip server, you could install one by using Asterisk (PBX).

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