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    KErrPermissionDenied when RPositionServer::GetNumModules()

    I am back with more problems...

    My program ends normally but with a -46 error (KErrPermissionDenied, An operation cannot be performed due to a potential security violation.) when I try to get the number of available positioning modules.

    I used Symbian Signed's "Open Signed Online" to sign the SIS file. I checked all possible capabilities (LocalServices, Location, NetworkServices, PowerMgmt, ProtServ, ReadDeviceData, ReadUserData, SurroundingsDD, SwEvent, TrustedUI, UserEnvironment, WriteDeviceData, WriteUserData), although I think I only need "Location".

    Is there something else I'm missing?

    #include "Test.h"
    #include <e32base.h>
    #include <e32std.h>
    #include <e32cons.h>			
    #include <lbs.h>
    _LIT(KTextConsoleTitle, "Test");
    _LIT(KTextFailed, " failed, leave code = %d");
    _LIT(KTextPressAnyKey, "\n [press any key]\n");
    LOCAL_D CConsoleBase* console;
    LOCAL_C void MainL()
    	RPositionServer server;
    	RPositioner positioner;
    	TUint numModules = 0;
    	console->Printf(_L("\nNumber of modules: %d\n"), numModules);
    LOCAL_C void DoStartL()
    	CActiveScheduler* scheduler = new (ELeave) CActiveScheduler();
    GLDEF_C TInt E32Main()
    	CTrapCleanup* cleanup = CTrapCleanup::New();
    	// Create output console
    	TRAPD(createError, console = Console::NewL(KTextConsoleTitle, TSize(KConsFullScreen,KConsFullScreen)))
    	if (createError)
    		return createError;
    	TRAPD(mainError, DoStartL())
    	if (mainError)
    		console->Printf(KTextFailed, mainError);
    	delete console;
    	delete cleanup;__UHEAP_MARKEND;
    	return KErrNone;

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    Re: KErrPermissionDenied when RPositionServer::GetNumModules()

    It is one thing to declare a capability on the site, for signing purposes, and another thing altogether to declare it in the MMP file and thus set it as a security attribute in the binary.

    So, does your binary have the Location capability (and others that might be relevant)?

    Use the dedicated tools from Carbide.c++ or directly the logs from %temp%\epocwind.out to analyze your platform security issues.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: KErrPermissionDenied when RPositionServer::GetNumModules()

    I didn't have "CAPABILITY Location" in my MPP. Now that I have it runs fine in the emulator but on the phone I get an "Update error". I'll investigate that some more but at least I'm on the right track.

    Thanks for the swift response.

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