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    Does "Connector" in Nokia7650 surpport socket?

    hi All,

    This time I need to open a socket on Nokia7650,
    here's my code sniplet:

    c = (StreamConnection)Connector.open("socket://"
    os = c.openDataOutputStream();

    but it throws a ConnectionNotFoundException, meantime, the same code works well with motorola's emulator(and real phone)

    Is there anybody could tell me, is it because Nokia doesnt surpport socket protocol , or I made mistakes somewhere?

    THX in advance

    Best Regards,

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    RE: Does "Connector" in Nokia7650 surpport socket?


    sockets used to work in some software builds of 7650 but officially they are not supported in 7650 in any way. Sorry.

    Kind regards,
    Tinke / FN
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