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    BTCOMM communication

    Hello there

    I've met very annoying problem with BTCOMM communication. I tried to make a simple way of communication with my PC with BlueSoleil bluetooth dongle as I thought that BTCOMM had been the easiest way.
    I tried to run a code like this:


    server.Connect(); //RCommServ
    server.LoadCommModule(KTxtBTCOMM); //TBuf

    //commport - RComm
    TBuf<31> b;
    CEikonEnv::Static()->InfoWinL(b, b);

    And I always get -46 (Permission denied), no matter which port I choose. This article helped me:

    Could you help me?

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    Re: BTCOMM communication

    KErrPermissionDenied is a capability problem. You need LocalServices for BT. However I am not sure if the RComm-approach works at all - note that BT needs addressing, which is not a property of a mere serial port (either wired or infrared).
    There are BT examples in both the SDK-s (S60Ex\Chat) and FN main site (www.forum.nokia.com, Documentation / Symbian C++ on the left, Networking).

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    Re: BTCOMM communication

    Thanks for a quick response.

    I've added LocalServices to Capabilities, but it didn't work (I added even all the capabilities, but it changed nothing).
    Hmm.. I thought of a simple connection by serial comm, because Bluesoleil SDK is very complicated and clicking "Connect Bluetooth Serial Port" on my PC could solve my problem. Is there any other way to connect my phone to PC like that?

    Is RFCOMM sockets suitable for this issue?

    I ran the program from this article:
    Advertised service by the code from this article

    and after clicking "Connect Bluetooth Serial Port" Bluesoleil shows that "service is unavailable" or other alerts.
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