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    Smil question again..

    Hi all,

    Is there a definitive answer to the problem with smil presentation and the 7650 not showing the presentation (other than as options->view objects). We're developing MMS services and have tried quite many of the solutions proposed here in this forum.

    We build the smil on the fly, and use the content-id header, not the content-location. Actually the problem only shows IF we have more than one picture in the MMS message, i.e. one text part and one picture shows ok. If the same message is sent with one additional picture and a simple smil (below), the terminal - 7650 in this case - complains that the message could not be shown. The content type for the MMMessage object itself is set to multipart/related.

    -- smil --
    <root-layout width="160" height="120" />
    <region id="Text" width="160" height="120"/>
    <region id="Image" width="160" height="120"/>
    <text src="cid:intro.txt" region="Text" />
    <img src="cidic.gif" region="Image" />
    <img src="cidic2.gif" region="Image" />


    The content-id is set to <intro.txt>, <pic.gif> and <pic2.gif> respectively.

    Thanks in advance,


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    RE: Smil question again..


    Get the working example from http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,040,00.html?fsrParam=3-3-%2Fmain.html&fileID=2453 and try doing your SMIL according that.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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    ...in particular, more than one image per slide is outside the MMS SMIL conformance (slide can contain maximum: 1 image and/or 1 text part and/or one audio part)

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