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Thread: execution time

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    execution time

    Dear all,
    I am very new for carbide c++.
    I have created a sis file that is working fine.
    Now i want to calculate the execution time of my application
    is there any function for that?
    please reply

    thanks in advance

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    Re: execution time

    haven't seen any real API, anyway you could use TTime API. Just have one as your class member, call HomeTime for it to initialize the starting time.

    Then have another TTime variable and call HomeTime for it in a plce you want to measure the time, then just use the functions provided by TTime to check the time difference.

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    Re: execution time

    TTime is probably not sufficiently granular enough to do this properly.

    http://www3.symbian.com/faq.nsf/45ae...b?OpenDocument fro more information on suitable timers from profiling
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