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Thread: Audio Capture

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    Audio Capture

    Hi, what's the default parameters (rate, nBits, encoding) in audio capture? I have used rate = 8000 Hz, PCM and 8 bits. To transform the byte stream (ByteArrayOutputStream.toByteArray()) into a integer stream i'm using the conventional cast (audioData[i] = (int) output[i]), but signal are not leaving anything similar to a speech signal. I didn't test in Nokia emulator yet. Anybody can help me?

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    Re: Audio Capture

    if you have not specifying any parameters in capture://audio then phone will record in whatever format is default (i am not sure) but you can use
    getContentType which returns the content type of the recorded media.

    All content types are defined in the Java Docs.

    As for what rates/content types are supported refer to Forum Nokia JavaME developers library and check the implementation notes.

    Moreover check this Excel document for Multimedia Support in Nokia devices.

    I did not understand the second part of your query if you can re phrase it I will have another look.

    Try using AMR as your encoder, it gives very good performance in a noisy environment specially when recording speech.

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    Re: Audio Capture

    Hi morash,

    I'm building a system of speech recognition in Nokia phones S60 with JME (using JSR 135), but by now I have tested this system in PC using Java toolkit. So, i'm trying to calculate the LPC coefficients of the speech signal, but this signal is very strange: Even when i don't speak anything in mic, the signal has high amplitude (128 or -128). Looking at better the signal, it doesn't seem to be white noise. Thanks a lot for your help, i'm going to search the AMR enconding.

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    Re: Audio Capture

    But yet J2ME does not provide that kind of API. It is possible if you can try to build it.

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