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    Play audio with Audio Proxy Server

    Hi all
    I have a problem with streaming audio from APS, if i streaming in two APS servers ( 2 different phones) i can play normaly but whit others i hear very big noise, i change all formats and the same , i save a audio raw file and play it on other player an is the same.

    I think APS add some information to buffer, i read all APS API and there is not specified any header or other information about that, have someone the same trouble ?

    if i initialize APS with "EULAW20MS" then i must have buffer size 160 bytes

    From RFC:
    encoding sample/frame bits/sample
    PCMU sample 8

    1 sample have 125 micro seconds
    then 20ms/0.125 = 160 samples

    but my buffer don't have this length

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Play audio with Audio Proxy Server

    In API is not specified nothing about this header , i wold cut it, copy to buffer and then append back to incoming data, but he is changing in streaming process , i see APS is for interconnecting 2 Nokia device , someone has connect this APS whith other soft phone ?
    how do that ??

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