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    Thumbs up Can we run any j2me application on any device other than Nolkia?

    Hello friends,

    I have a written a j2me application (player application).

    I want to test it on Motorola, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG.

    can I run the application on these devices?

    1. Which devices supports j2me applications? if any manufacturer doesn't support then what should I do? I mean do I need to download specific development environment for each manufacturer? What are the native development toolkits?

    2. What is the signing process for each manufacturer device?

    Its urgent. Please suggest me any one.


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    Re: Can we run any j2me application on any device other than Nolkia?

    Hi Manoj,

    yes, you can run Java ME applications on every devices supporting Java ME itself. Of course, you should care about any JSRs you're using in your application, and check if target devices support them as well.

    1) To get infos about devices supporting Java ME, you should check single manufacturer websites, or you can use public devices database that usually contain a lot of useful infos about Java ME, like this: J2mePolish device database.
    About development tools, some manufacturers provide, like Nokia itself, SDKs specific for their own devices. Directly check their development websites for more infos.

    2) Signing process is the same for each manufacturer. What changes is usually the supported set of Certificates, so you should always be aware and check if the devices you want to support ship the Certificate you're using to sign your application.

    Hope it helps,

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    Re: Can we run any j2me application on any device other than Nolkia?

    Hi Manoj,

    Ya you can install the j2me application in Motorola, Samsung , LG mobiles , But only thing is it should have the specified configuration and profile you are using like cldc 1.0 or 1.1 And midp 2.0 , And one more thing is . The j2me app which you have developed if you are using any nokia specific apis those won't work on other mobiles.

    For signing

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    Re: Can we run any j2me application on any device other than Nolkia?

    you can run javame applications on every devices supporting javame.
    1)you should check single manufacturerwebsites.
    2)signing process is the same for each manufacturer device.

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