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    Store data in galary

    How to store data in galary folder of mobile ?

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    Re: Store data in galary

    For this you need to use JSR-75 (File connection API) Whith this you can list out what are the folders you have in the Mobile then store the data in that folder.

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    Re: Store data in galary

    Using FileConnection API you can read/write data on device's public folders.

    If, by "Gallery folder", you mean media folders (e.g.: predefined folders for photo, audio, video) then you can use the FileConnection API itself to store data there.
    For Gallery itself, it is not usually writable (and sometimes it's not even a folder, but only an application that references the media folders mentioned above).


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    Re: Store data in galary

    Gallery application fetches images, sounds and videos from certain folders. Therefore if you save your files there, they get displayed by Gallery automatically.

    Here's a list of such folders: http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/...5-94479F5BE26E


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