hi guys,
i am working on a WAP protal project and my project involves JSP, JDBC and a DBMS using mySQL. My problems are;
1. Installing JDBC drivers. I have downloaded MySQL Connector/J 2.0.14 and I got problems installing and get it running. I am a freshie in this thing so I don't really understand the manual. can some one give me more straight forward answer please? is it true that it can be run by placing the .jar file of msql connector/j in Apache Tomcat's directory - ..lib/container/*.jar??

2. What is JDBC-ODBC bridge? I already got MySQL Connector/J, do I still need to have JDBC-ODBC bridge? It is okay to have just a single JDBC driver (in my case MySQL connector/J-2.0.14) without having JDBC-ODBC bridge?? What is the difference between them?

3. One question on mySQL. If I have my files, .wml + .jsp files ready and uploaded in a server, how should I get mySQL running from there? Since the portal involves SQL quering, should I run mySQL from that server itself or does the querying codes need to be contained into..like for example servlets, or class, or java files omething like that?

4. I am very confused with J2EE, JRE & J2ME. Which one should I have for this WAP project since all offer almost same thing??

Need lots of advice.