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Thread: google map Api

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    google map Api


    Excuse my english, I'm french

    I just want to know if you can help me, I have got a probleme with the google map api presented here:

    I create 4 images 100*100px but there is a gap between the images...
    Watch here:

    Someone have an idea.


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    Re: google map Api

    Hi Twub,

    the title of this forum is "Commentaires du développeur à Nokia" and should be used to communicate something to Nokia, like the fact that the APIs used for manipulating images are not good or too complicated.

    When it comes for asking other developers to assist you with a problem, well, you should use other forums, like in this case Mobile Java Media (Graphics & Sounds) or Mobile Java General.

    While posting there maybe you can try to explain the problem better and highlight the gap you're talking about. I'm afraid I do not understand your problem.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: google map Api

    Ah ok,
    Excuse me.

    I go on the other forum


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