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    Bluetooth and FM Radio...

    Hi there!

    I have a question which may or may not have been asked before (search shows up little info)

    Basically I want to know if I can listen to FM Radio from my Nokia phone (N85) while using a bluetooth speaker system (assuming the speaker system has a built in antenna). Is this possible? Or do all phones with FM radio need some type of physical connection to a speaker in order for it to be heard? (Does a speaker system like this exist?)

    Likewise do Bluetooth headsets pick up FM radio from the phone without having to be phyically connected to the device? Thanks for any info


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    Re: Bluetooth and FM Radio...

    FM radio is FM radio, be it in a standalone receiver or embedded in mobile phone, and as such the device requires an antenna (i.e. a wire).

    A wireless (Bluetooth) antenna would be a wireless wire

    Once the radio receiver decodes the radio signal and converts it audio signal that can be routed to wireless headsets, also I have never tried to see if the phone likes to have both wireless and wired headsets (as the antenna) connected at the same time.

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    -- Lucian

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    Re: Bluetooth and FM Radio...

    hi bass cadet
    if u listen fm radio in ur phone and while you use a bluetooth speaker system this posible when other phone with fm radio need physical connection at same time
    and other phone also comptble for this.ok

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