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    Browser control API sends closing command when moving between elements in web


    I have problem with my multiview application that uses Browser Control API. The main problem is that when I select i.e. a text-field from a html-page and change focus to another element, the system will send closing message to HandleCommandL().

    Browser-classes are created to View-and Container-class. View-class calls BaseConstructL( R_BROWSER_VIEW ) to create softkeys and menus, it also creates the container-class (CreateContainerL) and handles commands from menu in HandleCommandL()-function.

    Web-pages looks fine but moving between elements causes problems: i.e. if I first go to text-field & write some text and then press down to move into the next field in web-page, the system will send EAknSoftkeyExit to the view-class' HandleCommandL(). Everything works fine if I just forward that message to CBrCtlInterface's HandleCommandL()-function, but how I can handle the real exit-message? Or better solution would be to disable exit-message that is coming when moving in web-page.

    I can change the functionality of right softkey to my own EExit, but at the same time, the command coming when moving in web-page changes to EExit.

    I am using 3rd FP2 SDK to develop my application.
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    Re: Browser control API sends closing command when moving between elements in web

    I found out that it is normal to get exit-message in situations when moving away from i.e. text editing -field. And the system will recognize in those cases that Exit()-function should not close the application.

    But the problem is now that I would like to change functionality of right softkey, and when I change it, the message coming from browser-controller also changes. So I should somehow recognize when the message is coming from right softkey and when it is coming from browser-controller. Does anyone have any solution for this?

    Value of aCommand is same in both cases.

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