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    Using Nokia S60 3rd from Ubuntu 8.04

    Hi there,

    I created some basic tutorials about:
    1. connecting to internet using Nokia S60 3rd from Ubuntu
    2. sending SMS from PC
    3. mounting and browsing file system
    So if anybody wants to try Ubuntu or Debian and needs some simple howto related to Nokia S60 3rd here is the link http://www.2010-solutions.co.za/. Nokia S60 3rd is quite usable from Linux even if there is no PC Suite for Linux.

    Filip Bulovic

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    Re: Using Nokia S60 3rd from Ubuntu 8.04

    Hi Filip,

    this forums gathers software developers on Nokia's platform and I'm afraid you don't bring much news for them. However, many "power" end-users would probably be interested by this so you should publish this news at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Using Nokia S60 3rd from Ubuntu 8.04


    Many thanks for yours infos. I have not used it but i use wammu. The return info is correct but it's more poor.

    I have a dream. A pcsuite conversion to ubuntu or linux distribution.

    I read a N800 or linux link but haven't find a response for my use

    I'm waiting... in France
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