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    Accessing info on the sim card

    Hi everybody
    I'm working on a project that needs to access the contacts stored on the sim card , obtain the numbers and writing some info in a text file then store the info on the phone memory

    so please tell me the API that deals with that stuff .

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    Re: Accessing info on the sim card


    You can use FileConnection and PIM API (JSR 75) for that. See PIM API for reading the contacts and FileConnection API for creating/reading files. Also, search the forum for related discussions and you might find some tips.

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    Re: Accessing info on the sim card

    Quick addition to bogdan.galiceanu's answer.
    If you are using S60 phones, the you cannot read the contacts on SIM card with PIM API (only contacts stored in the phone memory). On Series 40 phones you have acccess to those SIM contacts as well.


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