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    low level connectivity to nokia phones

    I want to integrate nokia phone support into an existing application. I dont want to use PC Con SDK because it has to be installed seperately as a COM server.
    Is it possible to use the DLLs installed with the SDK directly or is there any source code of the DLLs open so I can program the low level communication myself? If not, can I distribute PC Con SDK with my application or are there license restrictions against it?
    BTW, if possible I want to avoid using AT commands because this is a bit too slow for my purposes.

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    RE: low level connectivity to nokia phones


    Nokia PC Connectivity SDK is a development tool provided by Nokia, you can find the license agreements attached to the SDK documentation. If you have questions related to licensing issues, I would recommend to send email to pccsdk.developer@nokia.com.

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    Marko Tuukkanen
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