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    Unhappy Flash Video Player - html vs. swf

    I'm working on a custom online video player and have run into some strange issues.

    If I run the .swf file, the entire flv will load into memory but at some point will get stuck buffering.

    You can test it here if you would like. *Please, only test with you cell. It works fine off of a desktop and I have limited bandwidth. Preferably an N95, that's what I'm using, but any phone that supports FL 3.0 will work. FL 2.0 will not.


    If I run the swf embeded in an html page, again this is on a my N95, it works fine.


    Does the browser control any of the playback, or send info to the swf file? Can this be replicated through code in the swf?

    I really don't want to run this app in an html page. I want to retain the use of the keypad.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Flash Video Player - html vs. swf

    Browser doesnot control any playback.U can't directly play flash on the browser.
    If u have flash player installed on your mobile,then only the player would be able to run the swf file.Otherwise u can't play swf without flash player.

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    Re: Flash Video Player - html vs. swf

    Hi flasher2009,

    I tested the SWF and HTML embedded version and both work on my N95-1 device. The browser doesn't control the playback or the buffering, this is handled by the player simply following your code.

    It seems that for 500kb downloaded you are only achieving 10 seconds of playback which isn't going to work for users.

    Here are some video tutorials to follow:


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