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    PlatformRequest method

    we know... patformrequest() returns a boolean value that indicate whether the mobile can run multiple application or not?

    My question is... is there any other way to know whether the mobile can multiple application or not???


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    Re: PlatformRequest method

    Slight correction:

    true if the MIDlet suite MUST first exit before the content can be fetched.
    If the platform has the appropriate capabilities and resources available, it SHOULD bring the appropriate application to the foreground and let the user interact with the content, while keeping the MIDlet suite running in the background. If the platform does not have appropriate capabilities or resources available, it MAY wait to handle the URL request until after the MIDlet suite exits. In this case, when the requesting MIDlet suite exits, the platform MUST then bring the appropriate application (if one exists) to the foreground to let the user interact with the content.
    So this might not always reliable tell you if the device is able to run multiple applications, only that currently the situation is so that the MIDlet has to be closed (or then not)

    And I am not aware of any other methods for that.

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    Re: PlatformRequest method

    If you want to ask that can we know that mobile can execute multiple application or not. Then i think its not possible but you can have device configuration.

    -Kartik Trivedi

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