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    RConnection problem, Error = -30180


    I implement application which uses WiFi access point for VoIP purpose. Some time (unfortunately I can't be sure how to reproduce this bug) I see that my RConnection can't be connected (work correctly) to determined WLAN AP when phone is placed in good WiFi coverage with good RSSI level, I receive
    iStatus.Int() == -30180
    Be informed I can't check what exactly this error means, as any docs and header files don't include it.
    Also my application uses SIP profile based on the same AP that my RConnection.

    Please see exact behavior:
    1) Start application where WiFi coverage is good. App is connected to the server successfully.
    2) Move out WiFi coverage. App show that it is disconneced.
    3) Come back to WiFi. And waiting.
    4) After Some time SIP Profile is registered. My phone displays the icon of wifi-connectivity. Also I have MS Outlook running on the phone that uses same WiFi Access Point. It also works fine.
    5) But my application can't connect to AP. Using logs I see iStatus.Int() == -30180 in RunL() function.
    6) Exited the application and restarted. The same behaviour, can't connect.
    7) Went to “wlan wizard” of the phone. Disconnected the wlan manually. Restarted my app. Now it connects. iStatus.Int() == 0

    Please see code.
    void WiFiMonitor::StartSearch()
    LOGTXT("WiFiMonitor | StartSearch() | entry");
    if (IsActive())
    	TCommDbConnPref prefs;
    	TInt err = iSocketServer.Connect(KESockDefaultMessageSlots);
    	if(err != KErrNone)
    		LOGERR_ARG("WiFiMonitor | StartSearch() | iSocketServer.Connect() Failure Err :%d", err);		
    	err = iConnection.Open(iSocketServer, KConnectionTypeDefault);
    	if(err != KErrNone)
    		LOGERR_ARG("WiFiMonitor | StartSearch() | iConnection.Open() Failure Code :%d",err);
    	LOGTXT("WiFiMonitor | StartSearch() | Set prefs");
    	LOGTXT("WiFiMonitor | StartSearch() | iConnection.Start()");
    	LOGTXT("WiFiMonitor | StartSearch() | exit");
    void WiFiMonitor::RunL( )
        LOGTXT("WiFiMonitor | RunL() | [callback=CActive] entry");
        CArubaFMCClientAppUi* appUi = (CArubaFMCClientAppUi*)CEikonEnv::Static()->EikAppUi();
        TInt err = KErrNone;
        if ( iStatus.Int ( )== KErrNone && iCallBackFlag )
            err = iQOSSocket.Open (iSocketServer, KAfInet, KSockDatagram,
                    KProtocolInetUdp, iConnection );
    	LOGERR_ARG("WiFiMonitor | RunL() | WiFi Error :%d socket error: %d",iStatus.Int(), err);
            LOGTXT("WiFiMonitor | RunL() | [callback=CActive] exit");	
    Thanks for help.

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    Re: RConnection problem, Error = -30180


    The error -30180 is "No WLAN APs matching the IAP settings have been found."
    But why you get it in this case, I don't know.


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    Re: RConnection problem, Error = -30180

    jp40, thanks for answer.

    Could you tell me from where you know what this error means. I would like to know for further work.

    And does it mean that set IAP id is not found in current Access Points data base at that moment? (I just try to understand error reason).


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    Re: RConnection problem, Error = -30180

    thanks for your answer too.
    first i stay where there was a WLAN APs, I can connect net with it.
    after than, i go to anywhere there was not WLAN, I still want to connect net with it, it show me the error "-30180"
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