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    Question Backgroud Service

    Hi All,
    I am trying to write an application that:

    1. runs in the background that periodically
    gets the users gps location and sends it to a

    2. The application should preferably be somehow
    auto loaded by the system on startup if possible.

    3.Also if possible the user if desires should
    be able to interact with the service to
    change some parameters.

    Does anyone know if this can be done,
    in part or just some of the options.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Backgroud Service

    Hi Bruim

    Answers to your queries
    1. Yes, you can set display to null. There are plenty of posts on the forum about that.

    2. Yes you can use the push registry to launch a midlet, once the midlet has started you can either depend upon the user to send the midlet to background or pragmatically send the midlet to background by setting the display to null.

    3. Yes, but this depends totally on your device, on a S60 device you can ask the user to hold down the menu key which will give a list of applications running and then you can simply choose your App. from that list.

    Alternately simply open the application again and this will simply restore the App.

    Moreover note that running multiple application at the same time will only be possible on S60 devices. S40 devices do not support that.

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    Re: Backgroud Service

    Thanks for your info.
    I appreciate it.

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    Re: Backgroud Service

    Hi, can you tell me how to make the second answer possible? I know I can use the PushRegistry to make it run, but I haven't been able to do it from the start.

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    Re: Backgroud Service

    diegoq16, starting the MIDlet at the phone start-up is not possible. Some Sony-Ericsson decives support an proprietary mechanism for that, though.


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