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Thread: Help me please!

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    Help me please!

    I just started development under the Series 60 SDK for Symbian OS.
    I have this problem with compilation of the hello world example.
    I do as follows:

    I use the directory by the instalation.

    "bldmake bldfiles"

    It gives me these errors,

    BLDMAKE ERROR: ERROR: CPP executable not found in path
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\SYMBIAN\6.1\SHARED\EPOC32\TOOLS\/Checkgc
    c.pm line 34.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\SYMBIAN\6.1\SHARED\EPOC32\TOOLS\/PREPFIL
    E.PM line 20.

    What could be the problem? I just installed Visual c++ 6.0, the SDK and service pack 5..


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    RE: Help me please!

    Don't copy the hello world stuff around, run it from the original directory, then follow the directions VERY closely. Hope that helps.

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    RE: Help me please!

    Dear Sir
    Do not copy file you should read in the hello world document.
    or go to the direcotry and try this instruction
    1. bldmake bldfile
    2.abld build wins udeb
    3.abld build vc6
    after that open the project file and running the application

    Owat K.

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