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    Device cannot find the Manifest in JAR file

    Hello, one user of my application gets this error while installing the jar file:

    "Fail to load Main-Class manifest attribute
    from .... download mySoftware.jar

    How can I help him? Maybe he needs also the jad file? Or maybe this is because the file is obfuscated and the obfuscator changed something and the JVM cannot find the manifest? Or maybe I should tell him to install it OTA from our server?

    Does anybody know the solution? Thanks

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    Re: Device cannot find the Manifest in JAR file

    Hi Rambajzek,

    on which device is your user experiencing this issue?

    Also, try posting manifest content, to be sure that all the required attributes have been specified.


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    Re: Device cannot find the Manifest in JAR file

    First, check the JAR file. Do you have the manifest file inside the JAR file? It must have.

    So you can create it manually and add it in the JAR file, or then you could use some IDE, which does it automatically (like NetBeans)


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    Re: Device cannot find the Manifest in JAR file

    There is MANIFEST.MF file in folder META-INF. Its like this:

    Manifest-Version: 1.0
    MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
    MIDlet-Name: MySoftware
    Created-By: 1.5.0_06 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
    MIDlet-Vendor: Unknown
    MIDlet-1: MySoftware, MySoftware.png, MySoftware
    MIDlet-Version: 2.0
    MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0

    The users device is HTC X7510 with Windows mobile. I developed it for Nokia, but usually it runs on every mobile phone, no matter if Symbian, Blackberry or something else.

    Maybe he makes some mistake while installing the file, could it help if he installs it from server, OTA, so the installation would be automatical?

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