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    Other devices for Toolkit 3.1

    Hello, I've recently downloaded the Nokia Toolkit 3.1 and inside the instructions i red that i can download other devices where i can try my application. Where are the other devices in the Nokia site? I can't find them.

    Thanks Tonino

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    RE: Other devices for Toolkit 3.1


    You can download additional Nokia mobile handset simulators from the same page as the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit. Please see http://www.forum.nokia.com/wapforum/main/1,35452,1_1_12,00.html (Forum Nokia -> Technologies -> Browsing/WAP -> Tools and SDKs). The following simulators are available at the web site

    - Series 60 Content Authoring SDK 1.0 for Symbian OS, Nokia edition
    - Nokia 7210 Content Authoring SDK 1.0
    - Nokia 6590 Mobile Handset Simulator
    - Nokia 8310/8390 Mobile Handset Simulator
    - Nokia 3330/3395 Mobile Handset Simulator
    - Nokia 6210 Mobile Handset Simulator
    - Nokia 7110 Mobile Handset Simulator

    Kind regards,
    Forum Nokia Developer Support

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