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Thread: select button

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    select button

    Is it possible to add a command in the middle soft key in a form.In a list we are using setSelectCommand for that.But there is no such options showing in a form.How to use setDefaultCommand in an item in the form?

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    Re: select button


    what device are you using?

    see this wikipage:


    Middle softkey: In Series 40 only a single context sensitive Command (OK, ITEM) is mapped to Middle softkey. In S60 multiple context sensitive Commands (OK, ITEM) can be mapped to Middle Softkey. If there's only single Command it will be shown directly in softkey, otherwise commands are visible in context sensitive menu opened from middle softkey. Normally the same commands mapped to Middle softkey are also available in Left softkey (directly or via Options menu). Note: Some UI components override this rule and place component specific operation directly to Middle softkey. For example, POPUP ChoiceGroup has "Open" operation in Middle softkey.

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