We are pleased to announce Phoload.com, a new free mobile software download website that has just launched.
Phoload is designed to make it simple, easy, and fun for users to discover and download free mobile phone games and applications. As we built Phoload, we focused on ease of use and ensuring that users only download software that is compatible with their phone.

We would like to invite any developers who are interested in freely distributing some versions of the software (be they full versions, demo/trail versions, ad-supported etc.) to register and upload thier software to Phoload. At the moment, we only support mobile Java software, but we will be adding Symbian support shortly.

The uploading process is simple and efficient, and it is easy to upload multiple versions of the same software for different phone types. If you upload your software you will have your own pages showcasing your apps (and linking back to you) on the web and mobile sites. You will also receive regular download reports (broken down by phone types) as well as feedback from the user community.

Please take a look at the site, and if you like it and would like to submit your software, you can so by visiting: http://www.phoload.com/developer.

Best regards,


Phoload - Free mobile software