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    Question regarding mail box handling

    Hi all,

    I am working on a project to populate a message(email) into one of the mail box (e.g user defined IMAP 4) in the message client. For example, I define one of the mail box named MyMailBox using IMAP4 protocol. I can see there is a new folder created under the messaging client. My questions are,

    1. If I want to open that mail box and enumerate through that particular mailbox, how could I do it? Since I know that I can use the pre-defined ID KMsvGlobalInBoxIndexEntryId to open the Default Inbox, how can I retrieve the user-defined mail box ID in order to enumerate items in that mail box?

    2. I also trying to creating a message programatically via CSendAs, instead of calling CreateMessageL(), call CreateMessageL(KMsvGlobalInboxIndexEntryId) and it will creating a message in the default Inbox folder. If I can get the ID for the user-defined IMAP4 folder, can I perform the same operation to create the message in that folder?

    3. Since I created the message via CSendAs.CreateMessageL(KMsvGlobalInboxIndexEntryId), a message is created but with Sender(From) information. What is the problem there? Does it something to do with the nature of CSendAs class is for outgoing message ONLY?

    I tried quite a few of tricks to resolve the above issues and hopefully can get an answer here. Thanks in advance.


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    RE: Question regarding mail box handling


    This is a Symbian question, so I'll copy this threat to Symbian Tools and SDK forum.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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