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    rsocket write timeout

    I am programming for s60 3rd edition on Nokia N95.
    I have an Active Object class for writing to an RSocket which continuously sends data to a server (using RSocket.Write()). It is using TCP/IP over a 3G internet connection.

    My problem is that sometimes the connection seems to go bad and the write never returns (RunL is never called). Also, I am not able to reconnect, even if I close my app and start again. I have to go into Connection Manager and close the active connection.

    Can someone please tell me how I can avoid/recover from this problem?

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    Re: rsocket write timeout

    I have two questions,
    1.What is the priority you have given to your active object.
    2.Are you closing or shutting down RSocket when application is going down.

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    Re: rsocket write timeout

    1. The priority is EPriorityHigh.
    2. In the destructor I am calling Close() on the RSocket as well as on the RConnection and RSocketServ.
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