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    Serial Communication Issue

    I have a mobile application that sends certain data n number of times (it can be any number), the data sent is read by another application running on some pc.
    The issue which i am facing is that, while writing the data on the port, at times the TRequestStatus stays pending only, Where as the data chunk on which the application stopped was successfully read by the other application, but my application stays in Pending state only.... Please help???

    Is there any issue with port settings....

    I tried the same application on two mobiles and send 10,000 messages. one handset completed the transimmision successfully and other got stuck with pending state on 2543th message.

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    Re: Serial Communication Issue

    maybe you could, cancel the sending with timer, and then try again.

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    Re: Serial Communication Issue

    Thnx but i think thats not a good solution, there must be some thing wrong some where.
    Because its happens occasionally....
    Below are the port settings used in the mobile application:

    TCommConfig portSettings;
    iSerialSender.Config (portSettings);
    portSettings ().iRate = EBps115200;
    portSettings ().iParity = EParityOdd;
    portSettings ().iDataBits = EData8;
    portSettings ().iStopBits = EStop1;

    portSettings ().iFifo = EFifoEnable;
    portSettings ().iHandshake = (KConfigObeyCTS | KConfigFreeRTS | KConfigObeyDTR | KConfigWriteBufferedComplete); // for cts/rts

    portSettings ().iTerminator[0] = 10;
    portSettings ().iTerminatorCount = 1; // so that we terminate a read on each line feed arrives

    r = iSerialSender.SetConfig (portSettings);
    User::LeaveIfError (r);

    iSerialSender.SetSignals (KSignalDTR, 1);
    iSerialSender.SetSignals (KSignalRTS, 1);

    Kindly let me know if i am missing out something........

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