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    How to get selected format of coordinates?


    I am developing an application that is using coordinates. By now, it assumes that the format of coordinates is in DDD.DDDDD-format.

    At least in 3rd FP2 models it is possible to change the format of coordinate to "DDD MM SS.SS", "DDD MM.MMMM" or "DDD.DDDDD" (this can be done from Settings->General->Positioning->Notation preferences).

    So how I can check this selection from my application? I tried to search this from documentation, but no help.

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    Re: How to get selected format of coordinates?

    After more than one year since asking the question probably trogo would not remember the details anymore. However all the info you may possibly need are in the post above and no, you cannot help since the info he/she needed is not public.
    -- Lucian

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