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    Delivery Notices

    01/11/03 02:05AM

    Questions relating to delivery notices please.

    1. The phone has an option to set the deliver reports on/off in 'message settings>sending profile' options. How can I set/reset this using an AT command.

    2. Should I be able to get back delivery messages when sending in 'Text Mode' and is there any setup required.

    3. If I eventually get my delivery reports working do I need to acknowledge them with an AT command.


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    RE: Delivery Notices


    You are able to receive delivery indiccations in PDU mode with at+cnmi=2,3,2,2,1 where the fourth value sets the indication delivery. You will receive a SM location (+CDSI: "SM",11) where the delivery note is saved. Then you need to use at+cmgr=11 to see the actual data.

    Please remember to delete the notification after you have processed it.

    I was not able to receive notifications in text mode.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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