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    Angry Serial communication

    i would like to serially connect to an external device directly, not a pc with my nokia. I cannot seem to find any cables for it, and i heard that with usb you need a master/slave architecture for it to work.

    I would like to read data from the serial cable into my phone directly.

    i have a 6681, but if needed will buy any other model.

    Please help.

    I have no symbian c experience, but am master in j2me and java, and i know win32 c++ and ansi c, so plz help.



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    Re: Serial communication


    For Serial communication using Bluetooth you can use following link.

    Thanks & Regards
    Symbian OS 9.2/9.3,S60 3rd FP1/FP2,Carbide.c++v2.0

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    Re: Serial communication

    There is no serial port on most current mobile devices. Depending on your needs you can experiment with abusing audio-lines, but that is all. And yes, the phone can not be USB host.

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    Re: Serial communication

    Abusing audio lines... do you mean connecting to microphone wire, send there serial signal, and decode recorded "audio" in Symbian application?

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