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    radio control in s60?

    I'm trying to do a basic midlet to control radio but I have a 6120 classic wiht s60 3rd FP1 and I've seen this SO doesn't support that specs.

    This code runs in series 40 but in s60 no.

    Player player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://radio?f=98.3&st=stereo");

    I thought s60 is newer (better) than series 40 and you can do all you do with series40 and more ...

    Nothing to do???

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    Re: radio control in s60?

    Hi sprendes,

    check out this other thread for useful infos:


    Also, this Wiki article gives the same answer:



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    Re: radio control in s60?

    Hi Pit,

    thank you very much for your answer.
    I accept the reality buy I don't understand why these limitations.
    I know this isn't the good forum but, what do you think about this little project in C++?
    Could I access this resource with C++?

    thank you again


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