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    Exclamation TFindProcess - unbelievable

    Its been three days I am struggling for mere 4-5 lines of code. Can anyone from you tell me why the following code behaves so strangely:

    	//    CConsoleBase* console = Console::NewL(_L("test"), TSize(KDefaultConsWidth, KDefaultConsHeight));
    	TFindProcess find(KProcessName);
    	TFullName name;
    	TInt numProcess = 0;
    	while (find.Next(name) == KErrNone)
    		// process is not running
    In the above code, numProcess++ is always called as the code progresses through the while condition block. But numProcess++ should not be called because myprocess.exe is not running.

    If I add the following line at the start of the code then it never goes to the while loop and numProcess++ is not called.

    // CConsoleBase* console = Console::NewL(_L("test"), TSize(KDefaultConsWidth, KDefaultConsHeight));


    Please try it yourself and you will be amazed!!!
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