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    Beginner advice required


    I would like to know if it is possible with one of the SDKs (and can you tell me which one I need) to recompile a program which currently works with the S60 2nd ed. to work with 3rd ed?

    Also whie I am posting can someone tell me before I try to understand the completely noob-unfriendly carbide.ui - Is it actually possible to change the size of text in the user interface or will it only do colours? I mean to change fonts size beyond the "large" that is in the phone settings?

    Cheers in advance.

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    Re: Beginner advice required

    you need 2nd edition SDK for compiling 2nd edition software, and 3rd edition SDK for 3rd edition. There are also some changes that you need to do for the app to compile in 3rd edition, check documents section on more information.

    Also some APIs could have been changed/removed, tuhs the extend of the porting task depends on your application.

    If your own program you can load fonts in any size really, but AFAIK you can not really change the other applications fonts bigger than the system supports for.

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