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Thread: Why Use XHTML?

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    RE: Why Use XHTML?

    1. Nokia is supporting WAP Forum and its idea of having a universally acclaimed standard for wireless development. With the W3C version of XHTML and a few extensions to it a XHTML Modular form is released for the wireless device. Nokia has promised that most of its phones will have XHTML browsers. This may be overtime but for sure.
    2. It would surely be something to watch out as W3C has proposed the XHTML standards. As of 3G is concerned I believe its a wait and watch game. If it is out there on majority of the phones it got to make a difference. It surely has its benifits in that matter. Though it is lacking some features of WML it surely will come up with some workarounds.
    Time will decide how this goes so on and so forth.
    3. Nokia has its Toolkit 3.0 & Nokia Activ Server already supporting this. As part of Nokia's commitment it has established channels to support developers which in itself is a great motivation.


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    Why Use XHTML?

    I guess this is three questions in one.

    With HDML and WML, why is Nokia promoting XHTML? Will XHTML be the standard for G3 networks? If not how do we create applications for G3 networks?

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