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    Exclamation Want to develop sms counter for N72

    Hi All,
    I am new to this form. I m Msc-IT by Education. and want develop a small application for just counting the sent messages for N72. i have downloaded the "Series 60 2nd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, Supporting Feature Pack 3, For C++",
    I havent designed or developed any mobile application before, So can any one please tell me how and where to start???? please?

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    Re: Want to develop sms counter for N72

    take any SMS MTM exmaple, and just implement the counting in the session's callback fucntion. Wiki should have good general exmaples that should get you started pretty well.

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    Re: Want to develop sms counter for N72

    As symbianyucca already mentioned that there are quite lot of stuff available on SMS MTM just adding to it here is a link for the wiki page where you can find all of the SMS related functionality available in wiki
    Hope this will help you.
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