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    Thumbs up knowing device manufacturer programmatically

    Hi friends,

    I want to know the device manufacturer programmatically. I mean, I want to put my application on all devices say for example Nokia, then I should able to see an alert showing "this device is NOkia." In the same way for other devices also (samsung, LG, Motorola).

    Is it possible in j2me?

    why I am asking because, the file system is different for some manufacturer devices. I want to generalize this file system code for all manufacturer devices.

    Please help me.


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    Re: knowing device manufacturer programmatically

    Hi Manoj,

    this related thread could help:



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    Re: knowing device manufacturer programmatically

    Hi Jappit,

    Actually I implemented as they suggested.

    I have written a code like:
    "Platform is:"+System.getProperty("microedition.platform"));

    I ran the application on Motorola RAZRV8.

    I got the answer as:
    Platform is:j2me.

    I didn't get the answer as I expect something like: Motorola/4.43

    How can I get the expected manufacturer name?


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    Re: knowing device manufacturer programmatically

    if that doesnt work i'm afraid u wont be able...
    the only option that coems to mind is to call a getProperty which is proprietary to the manufacturer...
    u might look around for that...

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    Re: knowing device manufacturer programmatically

    Manoj, this is a Nokia discussion board so there's no use in seeking help for problems you have with other manufacturers. For Nokia, System.getProperties("microedition.platform") returns a fixed string which contains "Nokia" on it. We cannot take responsibilities for other vendors' implementations.

    Please respect this scope of this board. This thread is also closed.


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